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16 Verses About God’s Love for You

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Why do we need verses about God’s love? There are so many reasons!

God’s love can be so hard for us to grasp. To even begin to understand it, we often need to return to the Scriptures that explain it again and again. Then, as we do understand, it’s often more with our heads than our hearts.

Sometimes, we might also believe God loves others but struggle to really believe He loves us. Issues from our past may make it hard for us to trust and believe anyone can truly love us, let alone the God of the Universe!

Other times, we feel we’ve made too many mistakes or sinned too badly. We’ve trusted in the Lord Jesus for forgiveness. Yet we have a difficult time feeling forgiven and believing a holy God can love us.

It’s also harder to believe God still loves us when hardship and trouble enter our lives. The greater the pain we experience in our situation, the easier it is to start doubting God’s love for us.

Of course, Satan, the enemy of our souls, would love to have us believe lies about God’s love for us.

Because think about it for a moment.

Just try to envision yourself if you could truly grasp and trust in the amazing love God has for you, friend. How confident, secure, and even radiant would you be? How on fire for the Lord and productive in all He’s called you to be? Picture the assurance of God’s love overflowing into all your relationships!

So here are 16 verses about God’s love. As you read, ask the Holy Spirit to help them sink deep into the recesses of your mind and heart, transforming your thinking and your very being. May these verses bless you as much as they have me.

1. Love is God’s Essence

It can be hard to understand this. God is love—that’s just who He is—love, love, love. That means He can never be less than perfectly loving. He can’t be more or less loving, depending on your actions. He can’t be loving sometimes but not others. Love is His very essence.

2. The Nature of His Love For You

These verses about God’s love show us how completely different it is from human love.

God’s Love is the Perfect Model

This is how God wants us to love. And through the overflow of His Spirit within us, we do find ourselves loving like this more and more.

Yet, we sometimes don’t realize this is how God loves us. He’s the perfect model of love.

His Love Isn’t Something We Earn

God loved us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins even while we were still acting as His enemies by living our own way. He already loved you at your worst. The next time you feel like you’ve messed up too much for God to still love you, hold onto this fact, friend.

God’s Love Comes from Who He Is

God’s Love is Like a Shield Around You

3. God is Your Perfect Father

As you read these verses about God’s love ask Him to help you get a better grasp on the fact that He loves you as a perfect Father loves.

He Loves You Lavishly

God has declared it so! And this is how He loves us. Like all the very best of fathers put together that we can possibly imagine. God’s love for you isn’t restrained and polite, friend. He loves you lavishly! Like a father who delights in his child.

He’s Filled With Compassion For You

His Arms are Always Open

In the story of the Prodigal Son, the father is delighted when his son returns home. Yes, even after he spent all his inheritance on sinful living. This is how your Heavenly Father loves you, friend! He knows our weaknesses and our sinfulness full well. Yet when we stray from Him, He still sees us with eyes of compassion and is waiting with open arms for our return.

He Disciplines Us Perfectly

Sometimes, hard things happen to us in this life because we live in a fallen world. Yet there are other times when God uses our challenges as a way to correct us. Just like a wise and caring parent disciplines their child for their highest good, we can rest assured that any heavenly discipline we receive is done in perfect love.

4. God’s Love is Immeasurable

It’s as High as the Heavens

It’s as though God is trying to speak to us as you would a small child here. And we are like small children in our understanding compared to His infinite wisdom! When we listen closely, we might even hear Him speak into our spirit: Look all the way up at the sky. Do you see how high that is? That’s how much He loves you, child.

It’s So Big We Need the Power of the Spirit to Grasp It

5. God’s Love Won’t Ever Fail You

Nothing Can Separate You from His Love

It Won’t Fail to Hold You Up

It’s Protection You Can Count On

How’s this for security? It’s impossible for God’s love to fail you and it’s such a source of stability and protection for us that we can take refuge in it from the storms of life.

It Never Quits

The refrain His loves endures forever repeats throughout Psalm 136, but I love this version from The Message: His love never quits!

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