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3 Ways on How to Develop a Thankful Heart

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I appreciate the people who make an effort to cultivate gratitude. It is very easy to fall into a pattern of complaining. Although I regularly thank God for everything, I recently fell into a complaining pattern. Because of the events that happened, I started complaining and demanding so much that I forgot to see the blessings I already had.

Perhaps you can relate to this, but it really is very easy to slip into a mindset of ungratefulness. Here are three ways that have helped me so far to develop a thankful heart even when the sun isn’t shining.

1. Check Your Attitudes

It’s very important to ask the Holy Spirit to help you develop a thankful heart.

God’s will for us who belong to Christ is that He wants us always to give thanks in all circumstances because even in that situation, He is with us and will give us the help we need to make it through. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we can try to answer these questions to examine our attitudes.

Am I Keeping a Spiritual Perspective on Things?

We have abundant spiritual riches in Christ as His believers. In Ephesians 1:7-14, we have been redeemed through His blood, and our sins have been forgiven according to the riches of His Grace. Being God’s children, He will never leave us, and we are destined for heaven, but instead of focusing on our spiritual blessings, we focus on the problems and disappointments we face.

If we ask for God’s help to enjoy all our spiritual blessings in Christ, we will acquire a more grateful heart even when troubles surround us.

Do I Believe God Owes Me Freedom From Trouble?

We know that Jesus told us we’d have trouble in this world (John 16:33), but when trouble comes, we often feel surprised and put upon. In John 16:33, Jesus tells us that we should be aware that we have lots of trouble in this world just as He did, but we forget and are surprised by them and act as though His words shouldn’t apply to us.

Don’t feel discouraged by the troubles you are currently facing; just remember that this world and its troubles are passing away! Focusing on this knowledge will help us cope. It’s also one of the most important answers for us as Christians when it comes to developing a thankful heart.

Do I Tend to Feel Owed by Others, or Am I More Focused on Serving Them?

It’s so easy to think in terms of what people are doing for us rather than what we can do for them. When we particularly stay focused on others’ behavior, we notice their shortcomings. Ask God to help you see the blessings that people bring into your life and to help you focus on how you can serve them as He has called us to.

2. Find a Way to Track Your Blessings

One way to cultivate a thankful heart is to intentionally keep track of our blessings. Focusing on the positive aspects of our lives, even for a brief period, can improve our overall attitude. This practice can help us develop a more grateful heart.

Simple Ways to Keep Track Of Our Gratitude

Here are some totally simple ways to keep track of your blessings:

What about counting your blessings every night as you drift off to sleep? Or, thanking God for two extra things besides your food when you pray before mealtimes? How about deliberately including thanksgiving in your regular prayer times? You could decide to include thanks for two or three blessings when you meet with Him.

A Gratitude Journal Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

I know it can be tough to form new habits, especially when it comes to journaling. That’s why many gratitude journals end up gathering dust. But it doesn’t have to be complicated! You can start by writing down two or three things you’re grateful for each day, and it’s the simplest way to enjoy the benefits of gratitude journaling.  You can also find journals with Scriptures to help you remember all the blessings that come from God.

3. Get in the Scriptures and Stay There

To grow in gratitude, read the Bible regularly. It helps maintain a positive attitude and develops a thankful spirit. Try to read/listen daily and have a plan to cover all sections of Scripture.

Here are some Scriptures that help so much when it comes to developing a grateful heart. They are good for keeping our perspective:

God is so good even to consider us at all.

It helps to remember that we’re commanded to be thankful.

Our thankfulness gives God the glory he deserves.

Worship and thankfulness go hand in hand.

These Scriptures help with how to develop a thankful heart because they help us think about our blessings:

Each day is a gift from God.

No matter our troubles, God is so good and loves us.

We have riches stored up for us in Heaven.

Remember that every single good thing in our lives comes from God.

Father, We come asking you to show us how to develop a heart of gratitude. While these are some ideas that can help, you know us perfectly, including all the details of our lives. Which of these ideas do you want us to put into practice? What else do you want us to do for our specific circumstances? We desire to please you with an attitude of thankfulness, Lord. For your glory and honor and praise.
In Jesus name,

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