Little Prayers, Big Impact: 15 Fun Techniques for Kids’ Prayer Journey

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One of the best ways to introduce your child to the knowledge of God is through prayer. As you engage more and more in prayer as a parent or guardian, your children, who learn from watching, will learn to grow in their spiritual relationship with God.

Children have the potential to be what God has destined them to be through prayer. All we need to help them do is to tap into their destiny through prayer. Here are some of the ways to do this:

Let Them Hear You Pray

Children learn best by what they see; the more they see you pray and how you do it, the more they learn to pray.

Teach Them What It Means to Pray and Talk to God

Discuss with your child the different instances when prayer is used, such as gratitude, asking for forgiveness, petition, praise, and worship.

Pray with Them

Create prayer time other than during meals and bedtime, and pray with your kids. This may be done for gratitude, where you all mention what you are grateful for or ask for something from God. Let each person participate and do it in their own words.

Have Them Mimic You

Have a scheduled prayer time where they pray after you and do it exactly as you did. This one happens without much effort on your end but helps a child, especially if finding the words for prayer is challenging for them.

Use Songs

Music is easy for kids to remember and an easy way to learn. Teach your child the Lord’s prayer through music and any other prayer that has been done musically.

Provide Resources

Give them resources to encourage them in their daily prayer life. Bible verses to aid in prayer, worship music, and time, among other resources, are some of the requirements that may be needed for prayer time.

Don’t Push or Pressure Them

Any pressure put on kids makes them feel apprehensive and anxious, which may cause them to stammer while trying to get the “right words” or even lack any words to pray with. Make prayer as easy as talking to mummy.

Mention Prayer Requests and Pray for Them

Before prayers, ask the kids if they have anything special they want to pray for. Some of these requests may involve praying for petty things. But no matter what, still pray for them. Because even praying for these seemingly small things shows children that nothing is too small to bring before the Father.
Praying for specific requests also lets my kids see when God answers their prayers.

Lead By Example

If you want your children to learn to pray, you, as the parent, must have a regular walk with God yourself. Whether we like it or not, our children will learn far more from what we do than what we say. We will never succeed in teaching our children to do something we do not practice ourselves.

Create a Quiet Space

Creating a dedicated area for prayer ensures your child has a quiet, calm place to pray comfortably without distractions. This space allows them to focus and feel at ease while connecting with their spirituality.

Simple Language

Start with simple, relatable language that your child can understand. Please encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings in words rather than using formal or complex language.

Teach Gratitude

Begin by teaching them to express gratitude for things they appreciate. Encourage them to thank God for family, friends, food, and other blessings.

Respect Individual Expression

Allow your child to express their thoughts and feelings during prayer in their way. Avoid correcting or critiquing their prayers; gently guide them if needed.

Prayer Activities

Engage in activities like creating a gratitude journal, drawing pictures related to prayer, or even singing simple songs with messages of gratitude and praise.

Be Patient and Understanding

Understand that each child’s approach to prayer may differ. Be patient and supportive, allowing them to grow spiritually at their own pace.

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