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Trusting God in All Circumstances: Yes, You Can!

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Do you have trouble trusting God in all circumstances, friend? Oh, I hear you! It’s easy for me to trust Him when things are going smoothly. Yet just let trouble hit and it can be a whole different story. One of my biggest spiritual issues has been learning how to trust God in all situations.

In Psalm 77, Asaph, a prophet and worship leader, doesn’t explain why he’s struggling to trust God. Yet he does tell us that as he looks to God for comfort in his troubles, he doesn’t find any (v. 1-3).

How’s that for honesty? How gracious of God to leave us a record of someone else’s struggles to trust Him. You and I aren’t the only ones who struggle to trust sometimes.


Worse still, as Asaph begins to think more about his situation, he lands on some hard questions about God:

Maybe you’ve been there with questions like these yourself. I sure have. 

Sometimes when trouble hits we find ourselves wondering if God still loves us and keeps His promises. We wonder if He’s forgotten that we’re His beloved child and if He still remembers us with compassion.

We can learn so much from Psalm 77 about trusting God in all circumstances. As Asaph thinks through all he knows about God, he finds rock solid reasons why we can depend on our faith in challenging times. 

Here are three lessons I’m learning based on Psalm 77 that are helping me learn how to trust God in all situations. I pray that no matter what you’re facing today, they’ll be a help to you in trusting Him more too.


One of the things Asaph considers as he thinks through all he knows about God is his holiness.

At first, it might not seem that God’s holiness can help us trust Him. His holiness is related to His perfection and the fact that He is without even a trace of sin.

Yet, thinking about His holiness is one of the most important things we can do when it comes to learning how to trust God in all situations.

Asaph says:

Think about it, friend! God’s perfection and lack of sin mean that no accusations against Him can ever be true—even the ones we sometimes make against Him when we think about our hard circumstances!

He is never unloving. No matter what hardships He’s allowed into our lives. He’s never unfaithful to His promises even when we don’t like how life is going for us. He can’t ever behave badly because He’s holy.

So when we don’t understand why He sometimes allows the things He does in our lives, or when we can’t imagine why a good God would allow something or withhold something from us, then we have to assume that the problem lies with our understanding and not with our perfectly holy God. And we can safely assume that even when we can’t begin to understand, He’s still holy in how He treats us.

The good news is that we don’t have to spiral downward into an endless abyss of questioning God when trouble strikes. Instead, we can remember His ways are perfect and draw near to Him to find comfort and strength when we need it most. 


As Asaph thinks more, he also remembers the things God has done in the past. He especially focuses on how God parted the Red Sea. This was the great miracle that allowed the Israelites to pass through on dry land in their exodus from Egypt while their enemies got swallowed up in the waters.

Asaph remembers:

Our God is awesome and mighty, and if we consider just how powerful He is, we can learn so much about trusting Him in all circumstances.

If we think about all the mighty deeds told about God in the Bible or all the ways God has shown His power in our own lives then we can’t help but have more confidence about His ability to work in our present difficult circumstances.

Yes, we can trust our great God in all circumstances!


Here’s another part of Psalm 77 that can help us with how to trust God in all situations. When thinking about how God parted the Red Sea, Asaph also adds:

The Israelites must have been convinced of their certain doom as they were being chased by the fierce Egyptian army.

Yet God showed up when they needed Him most with a mind-boggling miracle. In His mighty power, He parted the Red Sea, but He also did something else, maybe even more powerful.

He went through the sea with His people. They couldn’t see His footprints. They couldn’t see Him as He worked out the miracle of parting the Red Sea. But He was with them and He was working!


Do you wonder where God is in the middle of your difficult circumstances, friend?

Consider that He’s promised to be with you always, no matter what you’re facing. Consider that in His holiness, He never lies. He is completely true and faithful to what He promises. Oh friend, He’s said He’d be with you and He is. He said He’d never leave you or forsake you so He won’t.

And maybe you can’t see Him working in your situation at all. That doesn’t mean He isn’t! 

He’s promised to hear our prayers (1 Peter 3:12) and He’s our loving Father (1 John 3:1) who always has our best interests at heart.

So if you can’t see God working in your situation, friend, take heart. It doesn’t mean He isn’t working behind the scenes right at this very moment.

Or, if He’s choosing not to answer a prayer request about your situation right now, you can rest assured that He’s still got your best interests in mind – even when you don’t understand the whys.

Trusting God in all circumstances isn’t always easy. We’ve got to think about and take hold of the truths of Scripture like Asaph did. But yes, you can!

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