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Why Your Enemy Hates For You to Read the Bible

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You’ve got an enemy. And your enemy hates you to read the Bible.

You’ve likely heard of him before. His name is Satan. But is he for real? The Bible says he is. All we have to do is take a look at the world around us to know that evil is flourishing. The enemy’s nasty-looking handprints are all over the world we live in. And he especially likes to take aim at those who believe in Jesus. Our Lord said this about him:

For this reason, your enemy doesn’t want you to have anything to do with God’s Word. While he came to steal, kill, and destroy, he knows that regular Bible reading can help us apply God’s truth to our lives. This will position you to receive hope, strength, joy, and peace no matter what’s going on in the world and your life.


Another thing to keep in mind about your enemy and Bible reading is that he knows it can be tough—hard to get started, difficult to keep up. He knows it takes patience and perseverance to read the Word and really begin to see the benefits.

The Old Testament sacrifices and laws can be confusing and seem peculiar. Luke repeats a lot of what you read in Matthew and Mark. Your enemy knows it’s easy to get discouraged and forget the whole thing.

Or, maybe you’ve never tried to read the Bible before and it’s hard to know where to start.

You’re too busy, too exhausted, and too discouraged by life. Your enemy has you exactly where he wants you.


If you absolutely must read God’s Word, he’s hoping you’ll find it so hard that you’ll stick with just a verse or two. Maybe on a plaque in your kitchen, or a pillow on your couch. A few lines in the devotional you read most mornings. He sure doesn’t want you reading through whole chapters and books of the Bible itself.

Here’s why your enemy hates you to read the Bible:


The enemy doesn’t want you reading your Bible because you’ll meet the Living God right there on its pages. Maybe you’ve had the experience of reading God’s Word when suddenly the words you most need to hear seem to leap right off the page—straight into your heart. In fact, sometimes it’s even as though Jesus is sitting right there with you.

We shouldn’t be surprised. The Bible is the very words of God, written to speak into our lives (2 Timothy 3:16). God uses it to do exactly that, often in a highly personal way.


Our enemy isn’t called the father of lies for nothing (John 8:44). He especially loves us to believe lies and distortions about God’s Word and God himself. This is one reason why the Scriptures constantly remind us to be on guard against false teaching. Yet if we aren’t familiar with the Word of God ourselves, we have no way of knowing if what someone teaches is God’s truth or lies.

Devotionals, for example, can be an awesome source of encouragement and help us grow in our faith. Yet it’s hard to choose one that aligns with God’s Word if we’re not reading the Word for ourselves. In the same way, well-loved Bible verses taken out of context can be easily twisted to mean something God never meant them to.

Also, let’s not get started on all the lies your enemy would so enjoy having you believe about yourself and your circumstances. Those can bring us down like little else can.

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take it anymore? Like you don’t have what it takes to cope? Most of us have. The enemy knows we’ll find strength and peace in the Word of God for such times. That’s why he’s so against you getting into Bible reading too much.


The Bible is God’s chosen tool to help you grow up in Christ. To become the person God always meant you to be. For this reason, we’re told to long for God’s Word:

We know that an infant requires abundant milk to grow properly. Why would we think that we can thrive, or even survive, on a meager intake from God’s Word when He’s been so clear it doesn’t work that way? We’ve all been there.

The enemy knows that an abundant diet of God’s Word will help you grow into your destiny as a Child of God. This will mark you as one who is truly bound for heaven. It’ll bring glory to God and draw others to Jesus. There is no way your enemy has any of that!


Satan knows that our emotions are one of the biggest places we all struggle. Anxiety, depression, grief, and bitterness can all drag us down. Our emotions can distract us from important daily tasks and keep us up at night. Unchecked, they can ultimately destroy us.

Remember how the enemy loves to kill, steal, and destroy. He definitely doesn’t want you to have the greater emotional stability that God’s Word can provide.

Those who struggle with emotions due to mental health issues will tell you that even with proper medication, they sometimes still have to fight for emotional stability. Just like the rest of us sometimes do! We all need the emotional stability that God’s Word provides.


Another issue your enemy has with your Bible reading is that it’s really likely to strengthen your relationships.

I imagine there’s little the enemy enjoys more than seeing our marriages, friendships, and other relationships torn up into bits. He loves a broken home, frayed family relationships, and longstanding rifts between coworkers. He enjoys the seeds of doubt we sometimes have about our nearest and dearest.

Reading the Bible and applying it to our lives can act like glue, holding marriages together. It can also guide us in raising our kids and make us way better friends and employees. The enemy doesn’t want you to have sweet peace in your relationships.


The ultimate reason Satan doesn’t want you in God’s Word is because it’s one of the weapons of spiritual warfare that believers in Christ are told to use. Ephesians 6:17 describes God’s Word as the sword of the Spirit.

Your enemy knows it’s especially bad when you’re regular about your Bible reading. That way it’s always in your heart and on your mind. Then, you’ll be armed and dangerous, ready to fight life’s battles and equipped to handle what comes your way.

Your enemy’s having absolutely none of that.

Yet Satan is nothing in comparison to the strength and power of Jesus Christ. Remember the final fate of your enemy:

Meanwhile Child of God, the battle rages on. It’s high time for you to take the sword of the Spirit and fight back. Don’t let your enemy steal your strength and purpose. Don’t let him tear down your relationships. Your home. Your community and workplace. Don’t give him a moment more of your precious peace and hope in Christ.  

Take up your sword and advance! Victory is surely yours in Jesus.

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