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He Will Never Leave You, Even If You Leave Him

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I learned about Jesus when I was young from the stories that we were taught at Sunday school. Whenever the altar call was being made, I would come forward at each opportunity, thinking that this was what I was meant to do.

I felt a conviction in my heart that told me it was right, but truthfully, I did not understand what it meant or what I was doing. However, when it was time for baptism, I presented my name to be baptized. I was only 14 – I didn’t actually understand the concept of baptism or what it signified. I just thought it was the right thing to do.

That was the end of my religious journey – up until 15 years later. Sadly, in my late teens and twenties, I somehow lost connection to my faith. I had lost interest in attending church, started college and a family, and life happened.

Fast-forward fifteen years. I found myself in a new country, a new environment, and a different culture. I felt lost and lonely. I started praying again and seeking Him. All of a sudden, I understood what I did when I was a child and what it meant to accept Christ into my heart.

I started reading the Bible for myself and began to understand what is expected of me as a Christian and who I am. Looking back, I realize that I was living in ignorance. And so, I decided to do things the right way—how they should have been done.

I started to search to understand who Christ is and why He died for me, and to find out who the Holy Spirit is. I felt the conviction to want to be baptized the right way, with a full understanding of what it meant to be a new person in Christ. I took it upon myself to learn about baptism from YouTube videos and from reading the Bible, and I knew for sure that I wanted to be baptized once again.

Fast-forward to last year when I joined a church. Coincidentally, I discovered they were holding a baptism class and decided to participate. I attended the classes and was baptized. That was a very happy day, and words can’t express how glad I am that I did it because I am now one with Christ.

From everything that I experienced up until now, I remembered God. I see that He was with me all along; it was me who had forgotten Him. I had left him, but He never moved.

For those who have given up on their faith in God, I’d like you to remember that He is a loving father, and all he wants for you is goodness, prosperity, and happiness. He will never leave you, even if you leave Him. You are always very important to Him.

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Susan is a mother of four beautiful babies and a born-again Christian. She took over Hope No Matter What in 2024 and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Her passion is to bring hope and encouragement to others, and she prays that by sharing her knowledge and personal story, she can inspire others to find enlightenment in God's word.