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Christian Living

How to Walk Through Life with Love, According to God

One of the fundamental requirements of our Christian walk through life is loving God and …

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Christian Living

How Worthy Are We to Receive God’s Forgiveness?

Forgiving is one of the most important aspects of religion, especially Christianity. A commonly asked …

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Christian Living

Do You Need God In Your Life to Be a Good Person?

This is a tough one and a question that many Christians and non-Christians find themselves …

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Biblical Encouragement

How the Holy Spirit Helps Us to Achieve Holiness

Holiness. Where will I even start? If there is anything that I have struggled with …

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Christian Living

Can You Really Hear God’s Voice?

Do you remember when you first started praying and wondered when you would first hear …

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Biblical Encouragement

8 Biblical Ways The Bible Teaches Us to Overcome Jealousy

I believe we have all been jealous or envied someone at some point in our …

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Biblical Encouragement

Finding Beauty in Every Season, As Taught By Ecclesiastes 3:11

This beautiful verse, right in the heart of the Bible, shares so much about life’s …

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Christian Living

Why the Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Joy is a very rare treasure right now. We are surrounded by pain, uncertainties, and …

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The Power and Purpose of Prayer in a Christian’s Life

Prayer is one of the most important aspects of a Christian’s life. It’s the way …

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Christian Living

5 Signs of God’s Presence in Our Life

Where is God in your life? Do you ever feel like He’s distant or absent? …



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I am Beautiful, Wonderfully and Fearfully Made by God

My struggle with low self-esteem has been a long and tiresome one. It started when …

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I Put All My Anxiety and Fear at His Feet

After giving birth to my youngest child, life became harder than it was before. Not …

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God Has Big Plans For You

When I was growing up, I had big dreams. I wanted to be a pilot, …

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He Offers Comfort that No Other Can Give

My dad had been sick for a long time. He was diagnosed with cancer, and …

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He Will Never Leave You, Even If You Leave Him

I learned about Jesus when I was young from the stories that we were taught …

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Man Will Fail You, But God Will Never

In a time not so long ago, but one that felt like a lifetime, I …

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