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God Has Big Plans For You

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When I was growing up, I had big dreams. I wanted to be a pilot, then an air hostess, then a nurse… To be honest, I had many aspirations for what I wanted to be when I became an adult, but life and God had other plans for me. Here is my story, starting from when I graduated from high school…

… without the grades I needed to get into university.

University was suddenly off the table, and my options suddenly narrowed. Instead, I joined a vocational college to learn about hotel management and hospitality. That didn’t last long, though. Despite being the best in class, my parents could no longer afford to keep me in college, and I had no choice but to move back home.

After two months of being at home and not doing very much, my parents decided I should strive for another qualification, and that this time, they would help me see it through. They encouraged me to begin a hairdressing course.

And so, I started college once again, and completed the program. All that was left was to take the exams, and then I could begin working – at least, that is what I thought.

Fate had something else in store for me. Little did I know that my college account was in arrears, and it was not possible to sit for the exams when debts were owed to the college. Once again, I was not able to receive my qualification. I was starting to think this was the story of my life.

I tried to find a job in a salon; however, without the required qualifications, all I could find were roles washing hair, a ‘shampoo girl’ as it was known back then. While trying to secure a stable job, I fell pregnant and moved in with my partner. My plans were brought to an abrupt stop. I had to put everything aside to focus on my pregnancy. I delivered my first baby and soon after fell pregnant again, and again and while my babies brought me happiness, it would be a lie to say I felt fulfilled.

I tried doing different things to earn an income, but I still felt that same feeling of emptiness. Nobody could understand how I felt, and not to mention, there was practically no money coming in. I was struggling mentally and financially.

After being in difficulty for some time, I made the very tough decision to look for work overseas instead of sitting there seeing my children suffer. I found work as a housekeeper, and it turned out to be very mentally and physically challenging. It was not a job I aspired to have or expected to find myself in, but I did it anyway. I put my heart and soul into it for the sake of my children, who were being cared for by my parents at this point. At least, through this job, I could afford their education, food, and anything else they needed, even though I was not with them physically. I found solace in my faith and prayed to God that I would find my way in life, and the way back to my babies.

Long story short, I continued to work as a housekeeper for the next ten years. But of course, no one grows up wanting to be a housekeeper. I remained unfulfilled. Somewhere along the way, and thanks to my faith, the idea came to me that I wanted to write about my journey and how religion helped me through it all.

Finally, in 2024 the opportunity I was waiting for had presented itself in Hope No Matter What, an online space where I could share the word of God, provide biblical encouragement for those that seek it and talk about the struggles that led me to where I am today. Hope No Matter What fell into my lap (that’s another story), and the name could not be more perfect.

Throughtout it all, hope and faith in the Lord are what got me through it all, and what put this opportunity in front of me. I hope readers will enjoy hearing my stories and find inspiration in them. Let them be the evidence you need that God is always with you. He hears you and while you may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, know that He has big plans for you. Need proof? Just read Hope No Matter What.

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Susan is a mother of four beautiful babies and a born-again Christian. She took over Hope No Matter What in 2024 and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the goodness and faithfulness of God. Her passion is to bring hope and encouragement to others, and she prays that by sharing her knowledge and personal story, she can inspire others to find enlightenment in God's word.