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Godly Friendships: 20 Markers of Genuine Friends

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Genuine friends, in the Christian context, embody the essence of supportive companionship, marked by reciprocal care and affection. Such friends are about more than self-interest; they focus instead on the welfare of their companions. They derive joy from their friends’ successes and share their sorrows during difficult times.

A godly friendship involves a willingness to act for and endure alongside each other. In the words of Jesus, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13).

Encouraging Nature

Scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:11 encourages believers to uplift and support each other. A Christ-like friend celebrates your achievements and encourages spiritual growth. Being encouraging doesn’t entail glossing over reality but maintaining a positive outlook even in challenging situations.


A godly friend speaks truth into your life, even when it’s tough. Genuine friendship involves honest feedback, caring about your well-being, and guiding you toward God’s truth.

Love in Words

Speaking hard truths with love and gentleness is essential. Love, as described in Galatians 5:22, should underpin even the most challenging conversations.

Thoughtful Actions

A good friend prioritizes others, seeking to serve and encourage them in their faith journey. Remembering important dates and being intentional in friendships honors God’s purpose for them.

Secure Identity

A secure friend acknowledges their worth in Christ and celebrates others’ successes without envy or jealousy.


A godly friend remains steadfast, standing up for you and speaking positively about you, reflecting the goodness within their heart.


Recognizing our imperfections, a friend forgives and extends grace, following the example set by God’s forgiveness.

Peacemaking Role

Fostering harmony and peace, a good friend avoids unnecessary drama, embracing inclusivity and love in relationships.

Mutual Growth

Like iron sharpening iron, true friendships contribute to personal and spiritual growth. Being supportive in a friend’s life is a responsibility that aids mutual betterment.

Praying Companion

A true friend prays with you and intercedes on your behalf during difficult times. Sharing spiritual struggles fosters a supportive and accountable community.

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A friend with empathy doesn’t just sympathize but understands your emotions and experiences. They step into your shoes, offering compassion and a listening ear without judgment. They validate your feelings, making you feel understood and supported.


These friends prioritize your relationship by making time for you. They’re there when you need them most, whether for a heart-to-heart conversation or during challenging moments. Their availability shows their commitment to your friendship.


Humble friends acknowledge their imperfections and mistakes. They don’t pretend to have it all together and offer grace to others because they know they, too, need it. Their humility fosters a comfortable environment where vulnerability and growth are embraced.


Trust is the bedrock of any friendship. Trustworthy friends keep your confidence safe and follow through on their promises. They’re consistent and dependable, building a sense of reliability and security in the relationship.


Respectful friends honor your boundaries, values, and opinions. They listen attentively without dismissing your thoughts and treat you with dignity in every interaction, fostering a safe and comfortable space.


A friend who accepts you for who you are doesn’t try to change you. They celebrate your uniqueness and embrace your quirks and differences without passing judgment. Their acceptance allows you to be your authentic self around them.


These friends are your biggest cheerleaders. They actively rally behind your dreams and goals, providing encouragement and assistance whenever needed. Their support fuels your confidence and determination.


Friends who hold you accountable do so with love and care. They’re not afraid to gently steer you back on course when you veer off track. Their constructive guidance is aimed at your growth, not judgmental or condemning.


Generosity in friendship goes beyond material things. These friends give of themselves selflessly—be it their time, attention, advice, or love. They’re always willing to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return.

Spiritual Growth

Friends who encourage spiritual growth are integral to your faith journey. They engage in discussions, provide guidance, and walk alongside you in your pursuit of spiritual fulfillment. Their presence and support strengthen your relationship with God.

Godly Friendships in a Nutshell

Being a good friend can be challenging, but the key lies in abiding in Christ and honoring God’s purpose for friendships. Embrace God’s love and emulate it in your relationships, aspiring to be the friend He intends for you to be.

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