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How the Holy Spirit Helps Us to Achieve Holiness

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Holiness. Where will I even start? If there is anything that I have struggled with in my Christian journey, it is this. It took me some time to understand that attaining holiness is not my job or task as an individual, but with the help of the Holy Spirit we are all able to walk in holiness.

To be practical, it’s very hard to go through the day without having sinned in one way or another. I don’t know about you, but I certainly am guilty. I might have a negative thought, or be angry. I might even say something that has hurt someone. Thank God for the Holy Spirit, who sanctifies us daily.

When I first accepted Christ into my life, I thought I had to obey all the commandments and live in holiness through my own ability – that it was my duty to be holy. How wrong I was – not that I shouldn’t be holy, but that I had to achieve holiness on my own. I had not understood what the role of the Holy Spirit in my life was.

Once I got to understand that I am righteous and it is the Holy Spirit who helps us to walk on the path of holiness, I stopped trying to do it on my own.

Before God, I am holy, because Christ put the garment of righteousness on me.

The Holy Spirit is very important. Jesus had to ascend to the Father so that the Holy Spirit could come down and help us – each one of us – on our paths. Jesus said in John:

One of the many ways that the Holy Spirit works in the lives of believers is to make us more like Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit renews our minds to be more like the mind of Jesus. He convicts us of sin, which leads us to repentance, which in turn wipes away these sins.

So many believers struggle with finding holiness but that is why we have the Holy Spirit, our helper in time of trouble. What would we do without the Holy Spirit? He gives us the power to live like Jesus and helps us to be His witnesses boldly. When we accepted Christ, the Holy Spirit came and lived in us, and we became His temple. He will guide you and teach you the ways that you should go. Through His guidance, we will be able to bear good fruits.

How Can We Embrace the Holy Spirit and Find Holiness

As believers, we know that the Holy Spirit lives within us. So, we should just surrender to His guidance, which will lead us towards the will of God for our lives – and that is to be holy.

The Holy Spirit was sent to bring us closer to God and by developing a close relationship with Him, we will strengthen our spiritual lives.

A holy life is pleasing to God.

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